Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reservoir Run

This morning I decided I was going to do a little cross training and go on a bike ride. I threw the bike on the bike rack and drove out to a trail I used to ride as a kid. I pulled up, lifted the bike off and started off down the trail. About 50 feet in, I was confronted with a rock wall, and a lot of fallen trees. The trail was completely over grown with forest now and probably hadn't been touched in years. I honestly couldn't even make out where the trail used to be at all. I decided to head over to Nepaug Reservoir and ride along the trail there. Upon arriving, I remembered that it is not a very long trail and I would probably go there and back in a matter of minutes. I decided to scratch the biking idea and I kicked off my shoes and started off running down the trail.

It was a cloudy but beautiful morning, the temperature was perfect and there was not a soul out on the trail with me. I ran along the reservoir reflecting on how lucky I feel to live in such a beautiful place. Besides the trail being rough and rocky (not the best combination for bare feet, but it is getting easier), it was really an awesome run. I got to the end of the trail and traced my steps back again to the car. I was disappointed it was only  about 2.5 miles, but oh well. It's pretty cool that I can be disappointed now about a short run like that, when I used to feel so accomplished and tired after having run that far. I love running now, for the first time in my life.
Nepaug Reservoir from the dam

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