Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running barefoot and glass DON'T mix

Since the day I started running barefoot, everyone seems to enjoy telling me things like "You're going to cut your feet up!" or "I would never run barefoot because I care about my feet and don't want to get slivers." or "Just wait till you step on a piece of glass, I'll be there to laugh at you and tell you I told you so!!" WELLLL start laughing, because this morning I found a piece of glass lodged in my foot. Now, I have no idea when I stepped on it, but it wasn't today because I had to dig it out with a needle because my foot healed up over it, but I realized that it was there this morning. Anyway, for all of you that think I am crazy, here is a funny video (also really weird and robot-ish, you'll see what I mean) that will make you laugh.


  1. Haha at first i thought it was going to be really stupid, but then i ended up laughing a lot.. haha