Friday, June 1, 2012

Raw feet and achin' calves!

Well, the title of this post says it all. My feet are raw, and my calves are achin haha.

So one of the biggest adjustments so far has been the way that a barefoot runner is supposed to run. Because your shoes allow you to land on your heel, most runners (including myself) do land on their heels. But if you take a minute to think about that, why would we want to land on the boniest part of our foot? Well, running barefoot changes your step about as quick as you start running. The first time you slap your heel on to the pavement is the last time it will happen. Naturally I have started running more on my forefoot. I land on the fat padded part of my foot and slowly roll back to my heel. It is a much lighter step than what I was doing before and it has truly helped my legs to not feel so fatigued after a run. That being said, it requires a lot more work from your calves, thus, my calves are on fire after the last few days haha. I don't mind though, like they say, "no pain, no gain".

Well last night I got home from work to find my awesome new Huarache Sandals from Invisible Shoe. I got the holes punched, the laces laced and I took them out for a test walk with my wife. Not only did I love the wonderful talk/walk with her and our beautiful baby girl, I immediately fell in love with the sandals. They are super comfortable, the rubber forms to the bottom of your foot, they are ultra light and ultra cool looking. We walked about two miles and I barely noticed they were there.

And now for my feet... So this morning, I went for a run and I decided to use the sandals again. I drove down to the river trail close to where I live and started off on the trails. My plan was to run about a mile and a half again. After about 3/4 of a mile, I decided to slip off the Huarache sandals and go completely barefoot again. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the sandals, I do love them.. buuut there is nothing quite like being completely barefoot. I ended up running about 3 1/4 miles... oops haha. It is needless to say that my feet are a little raw. The sides are tender, but surprisingly I don't have any blisters or anything, just soreness. So I will probably take the day off tomorrow to give my feet a little break and do something else for exercise instead.

Check out some of the awesome scenery from my run today.
Collinsville Axe Factory

Can you believe how pretty this is?! Sometimes I can't believe I live here.


  1. I am so impressed Ty! You are awesome!!! I think the Tarahumara run on dirt asphalt!!! Be careful!

  2. thanks heather! yeah they do run on dirt, it will just take a while for my feet to get tough enough haha. I mean lets be honest, I am not nearly as hardcore as you and your hubster!

  3. Interesting stuff! I'm not a hardcore barefoot runner, but I've read your posts and when I run now I wonder what it would be like to run without shoes. I kinda did yesterday when I got caught in the rain with my dog sans umbrella. I noticed as I was hauling butt back to my apartment that when I ran barefoot my heels didn't actually ever touch the concrete. So I can see why the running barefoot, or with very minimalist shoes (skeletoes, your sandals), makes sense and would be better. And I've never heard of chia seeds before but they look worth a try!

  4. Yeah Karissa it is pretty awesome! I really enjoy running a lot more when I do it barefoot, it brings a new excitement to it all. It really does force good form on you. Try the chia seeds! they are awesome! if you have problems with getting dehydrated or anything in long runs these help a lot. p.s. awesome job on the race you ran the other day! (i read your blog too haha)