Monday, June 4, 2012

Huarache Sandals Review

Well now that I have had a few more days to try out the new Huarache Sandals I bought a little while ago, I am ready to give my true and honest review on them.

1. I love that they send you the sandals without the toe hole in it and nothing is laced so that you can customize the sandal to your foot.

2. They take some getting used to and adjusting. I have tied and untied and ran and tied and untied and ran to try and find the perfect fit for my foot and running style. Don't let your first run be your last in the sandals because they rub weird or aren't very comfortable, they will feel just right when you can find the correct way to tie them to your feet. I have my just right now so they don't even rub as I run.

3. They don't flop around like I thought might happen. I really like how they tie right to your feet. The way the rope pulls the shoe makes it fit right to the contours of your foot.

4. They are really nice for when you are running on rock/gravel/grimey side of the road sorts of places. What I have been doing is throwing them on when I hit a part of the trail that my feet are not quite ready for. I still enjoy running completely barefoot a lot more, but these add the perfect amount of protection when running barefoot makes no sense for my feet.

5. The sole is fairly thin (6mm, like it says) so dont expect it to stop large sharp rocks from jabbing your feet still.

6. They are probably one of the most inexpensive huarache sandals out there and I think you get a good bang for your buck.

So overall, I am really happy with my purchase. After my barefoot run today, I think I will be using these much more this week since my feet are preeeetty beat up haha. If you have any questions, comment and let me know! If you want to order some for yourself, follow This Link!!


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    1. Well today is your lucky day, they have pink! Haha order some with the pink laces!