Friday, November 9, 2012

Sockwa G3 - Initial Reaction

I have had a couple of days to test out my new Sockwa G3's and I wanted to give my initial impression to them. I will give a more comprehensive and all-inclusive review once I log some more miles in them in some different terrains. So here is what I think...


I bet most of you are pretty comfortable in a pair of socks. Socks keep your feet warm, they are soft and comfortable, they don't restrict the movement of your toes, they are something you wear around the house just because. Well the team at Sockwa has hit this one right on the nail.

Sockwa G3 = Comfortable, amazing, sock. For running. With more protection.

The almost spandexy top of the shoe mixed with the ultra sticky 1.2 mm thick TPU (a type of plastic that is like rubber, but more sticky, more durable and better in wet conditions) is a perfect combination for the barefoot/minimalist runner looking for something that fits like a sock, feels like a sock, but allows you to run feeling almost barefoot while providing a little protection for your feet against the elements. These are the perfect, PERFECT alternative to barefoot running for the winter. They will keep your feet nice and warm and protect them from frostbite, snow and anything else you might trod across on your brisk winter run.

So there you have it, my initial reaction. I can't wait to get out there and run in these some more. Check back in the near future for my complete review!

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