Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This morning I went for a jog on the trail. The trail is short, so I continued running through the adjoining neighborhood. About a quarter mile into the neighborhood, I stepped on something that made me jump. This happens pretty frequently so I just figured it was a rock or something so I put my foot back down to continue to run, but it was still there. I jumped up again and grabbed the sole of my foot to see what it was. Goathead. Have you ever heard of them? If you are a biker, you will know what they are. No, I am not talking about this type of goat head below on the left, but can you see where the name comes from?

Goatheads have become famous for popping bike tires. I was in Boise last fall and my wife and I went biking, we crossed a dirt path to get back to her mom's house and parked our bikes in the garage. I came out a couple of hours later to ride my bike somewhere to find that both tires on both of our bikes were completely flat because of multiple punctures from the darn goatheads I didn't see. These suckers have a bunch of sharp thorns on all sides and seem to stick to anything in their path.

Well, I pulled this one out of my foot and continued to run. BAM! I stepped on another one! I pulled it out. Then I stepped on another one. So I pulled it out. And another. Pulled it out. Let me just defend myself and say, I was being careful and looking where I was stepping, but these suckers were everywhere and seemed to be disguised really well with the sidewalk. I looked ahead of me...for the next 50 yards the sidewalk was completely covered in these goatheads. I was screwed. I slowed down to a slow tiptoe and carefully and strategically placed each footstep for the next 50 yards until I made it through.

So, here is a note to all barefoot runners. WATCH OUT FOR GOATHEADS.

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