Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chia Seeds Review

It has been a few weeks now since I purchased some Chia Seeds. I wanted to give myself some time to test them out and see their effect on me before I gave my review.

I think that right from the very beginning, it was very obvious that they helped curb my hunger. Normally while I sit in my cubicle at work, I feel the constant need for nourishment. Luckily my dad works close-by and has an office full of snacks where I can go and eat to my hearts content, but this comes at a price, an ever-increasing weight. So I try and try to avoid that at all costs, but since I have started incorporating chia seeds in to my diet, there has been a noticeable change in my hunger levels. They have helped me to feel fuller longer, which in return has helped me to actually lose weight because I end up snacking less and chia seeds are packed with important nutrients and vitamins that aid in weight loss and a healthy balanced diet. 

Now, honestly I can't tell if it is just the placebo effect, or if it is real, but I have definitely felt more energized since I started eating them. I feel like I am more awake throughout the day and I am able to run further without fatigue. I really do agree that they help you stay hydrated and give you the fuel you need to keep going. 

One thing that I didn't anticipate, but is an interesting and fun "feature" of chia seeds, is how small they are, how easily they get stuck in your teeth and how they absorb so much liquid and turn in to a gel-like seed that make it even harder to get out of your teeth. Just expect to be picking seeds out of your teeth for a few minutes or so after you first eat them. 

One of my favorite things to do with them is put a tablespoon of seeds in my fruit smoothie in the morning or after a run, this way, you almost don't even notice that they are there. I tried the gel-drink that everyone talks about and thought it was disgusting. Trying to suck down a cup full of gel-like seeds is pretty revolting in my opinion. I have also made these awesome chia seed granola bars. Click the link to find the recipe, they were delicious. I did almonds instead of the nuts they said and I used craisins instead of raisins (that is just what I had at my house).

Amazon probably has the  best prices for Chia Seeds. Go buy some and try them out for yourself!


  1. I absolutely love Chia Seeds and have done the same type of things with them. I tried the gel-drink and gagged...yuck!

    I don't like picking them out of my teeth either so I either throw them in and swallow them quick...or have put them in my hot cereal or smoothies.

    I've also put them in Protein Pancakes and yogurt.

    You can get them at Ocean State...Bob's Red Mill sell's a big bag of them for like $5.00

    1. Are you serious? that is like half of what I paid for them at the store the other day! good to know! and you gotta give me the recipe for these pancakes and smoothies! you should write them up and send them in an email and ill put a guest post from you on here with your secret recipes haha.