Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blistering News!

So I learned something from the blisters on my toes. I was reading that if you develop blisters on the tops of your toes that it may be due to bad form. Obviously we all know my form is not great still, as I am still learning and barely starting out on this journey, but here is what I learned. If you have blisters on the tops of your toes, it is probably because you are pushing off of the ground while running. Ideally, you should be running and letting your feet lightly "kiss" the ground. Instead of pushing off and leaping for the next step, you should lift your feet after each step, and try not to bounce and hop as much, as this wastes a lot of energy. Toe landing will result in a lot of calf pain and toe blisters. So this is what I was doing wrong. I guess I was pushing off of the ground more than I should have been, I wasn't "lifting" feet and allowing them to smoothly glide across the ground. Look at this picture here that easily shows the good form we should be working towards.

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